Body shaming

apinchofsherbs's Blog

“She’s too skinny!”

“You need to put some weight on love!”

“Get a few burgers down you, that’ll sort you out”

“Have you seen how much weight she’s put on? She used to look so good”

My real life job is to fight Eating Disorder voices, an Eating Disorder Warrior if you will (I may get some kind of jaunty Viking hat in future). We’ll refer to this as ‘The Voice’ since what is so poorly understood about Eating Disorders is that it is just that. It isn’t someone’s personality, it isn’t someone just “being silly”, it isn’t someone who wants to starve and it certainly isn’t a choice.

It is someone who has to endure the relentless nature of The Voice controlling that person every second of their day to a point where they don’t have ownership over themselves. Some Voices can be so strong, the people underneath may…

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